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The new restaurant Radish & Rye, known as much for its extensive whiskey menu as its “farm-inspired cuisine,” and it’s suddenly possible to go all week without even thinking of a margarita.

Pairing Whiskey with Food: A Primer

With the rise of high-end bourbons and whiskeys, craft beer and wine may have some new competition when it comes to being paired with food. Having all the flavor complexities of its lower ABV cousins, bourbon and whiskey are no longer sitting on the sidelines as digestifs. Whiskey bars with food concepts — like Radish and Rye in Santa Fe and Noorman's Kil in Brooklyn — are inviting patrons to experience the spirits as an accompaniment to au courant dishes on innovative menus.


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One of the most exciting restaurants to open in Santa Fe in years, Radish & Rye is passionate about its support of local farmers and ranchers. Chef David Gaspar de Alba’s menu changes with the seasons, and he can often be found visiting the city’s incredible farmers market. Small plates include grilled heirloom artichoke with harissa butter and steak tartare with Calabrian chili, lime oil and quail yolk; seared lamb rib with salsa verde and rabbit ragu with spaetzle are examples of larger plates. The bar offers one of the area’s strongest bourbon lists, with more than 50 available.

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Whiskey is a Gaelic word for “water of life,” and this is felt by anyone who steps inside Radish & Rye. The bar includes 34 selections from Kentucky, six from Tennessee, and nine from other parts of the continent including New York, Canada, Indiana, New Mexico’s own Taos Lightning Rye, and Santa Fe’s own Santa Fe Silver Coyote from the celebrated and award-winning Santa Fe Spirits Company. The new bar has already gained much recognition for its innovative approach to not only whiskey, but a unique farm-to-table menu that attracts locals and visitors alike.

Radish and Rye - Farm Inspired Cuisine - Local Flavor

By way of a serendipitous chain of events, three veterans of the Santa Fe restaurant scene, Camille Bremer, Dru Ruebush and Quinn Stephenson, have come together to create their own restaurant: Radish & Rye. I meet with them the morning after opening night at their location in Santa Fe, the charming Craftsman bungalow formerly occupied by Ristra, and ask how it went. Camille’s face lights up. “The energy,” she says, “was fantastic.” They had a full house. 

Story by Gordon Bunker, Photos by Gabriella Marks - for Local Flavors

Santa Fe’s Seasonal Soulmate: Radish & Rye



Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past eight months, you’ve probably heard the buzz about Santa Fe’s new farm-inspired gem Radish & Rye. This bluegrass- and bourbon-themed restaurant and bar offers a dining experience that sates discerning diners’ refined palates while retaining a relaxed feel.